Economics, leadership, books

September 2016, Lahore: First steps towards a new leadership role. October 2016, Torino: A conference on Keynes and the General Theory, and the conversation turns to Keynes as a negotiator, and then to leadership. October 2016, Lahore: A conversation with a teacher - economics departments hardly talk about leadership even though economists often find themselves in positions … Continue reading Economics, leadership, books

Beyond performance

Teaching is more than just performance. It brings with it a great deal of responsibility, especially when the audience primarily comprises young people. To be responsible for the education of young people is a heavy burden, especially when the ones teaching are young people continuously trying to educate themselves about the world. Anyone who thinks teaching is easy ought … Continue reading Beyond performance

Reading Hobsbawm

Among the books I've read over the past year, Eric Hobsbawm's work has been a highlight -- very enjoyable and educational. (How to Change the World: Tales of Marx and Marxism was a great read after studying Marx and theories of capitalism at NSSR.) One could teach a great university course with just Hobsbawm on the reading list, and I'd definitely … Continue reading Reading Hobsbawm